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Birthdate:Apr 21
Location:United States of America

This journal is 98% friends only. Please comment to be added.

The other 2% is usually just rambles I've decided to show the world as of 10/20/11.

The journal is about alohdark who is a girl who likes to think of herself as average.

She's swimming in debt after obtaining a BA in Japanese Lang & Lit and living in Japan during her Junior year of university. To combat this she works as a hostess in a local restaurant chain where she makes barely enough to pay the bills, but can't get another job and is too big a nervous wreck to be a waitress.

In her off time she likes to crochet. Usually baby blankets, scarves and hats. Since falling in love with Doctor Who, the occasional adipose will join the ranks of Dragon Quest Slimes and Happy Face Poo's.

Every once in a while she'll write something, but, unlike in the past, she never posts any of her work anymore. She feels like her writing ability has drastically fallen and refuses to share her failures.

The best and the worst thing about alohdark is her struggles with Type II Bipolar Disorder.

All her life, alohdark and her oldest sister would make fun of their middle sister that she must be bipolar because of her mood swings, but it turns out that it was herself that would have the honour. And though she's a lot more stable now that she had been thanks to medication, it's an every day struggle.

But that's her life. She has a job she hates, a hobby she loves (but occationaly can't do because of ganglion cysts in her wrists), debt up to her eyeballs, and a disorder that is socially misunderstood.

alohdark is normal.

And she is everything but normal.

alohdark's motto at the end of the day:

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